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Neck Lift
Orange County, CA

A neck lift is a surgery used to reduce excess skin and fat around the neck, in order to make it more youthful and appealing. Cosmetic surgeons perform the procedure to reverse indications of aging and to complement a facelift. Although the results last for several years, it cannot halt aging.

Who Needs 
A Neck Lift?

The purpose of a neck lift is to remove loose skin and excess fat deposits around the neck. Patients with sagging skin or large necks who feel displeased about the appearance of their neck can book an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon.

Preparing For 
A Neck Lift

The doctor will ask a patient due for a neck lift surgery to stop using aspirin or any blood-thinning drugs days before the procedure. They will also recommend smoking cessation because it causes skin wrinkles and makes healing and recovery slower. The patient will also need to plan for transport back home after the operation and for supervision that night.

What To Expect
During The Procedure

Before proceeding with a neck lift, the doctor will review the patient’s medical health history and discuss their goals and expectations for the treatment. The surgeon will then develop a treatment plan and decide the most suitable surgical technique for the patient. They might recommend other cosmetic surgeries such as facelift, brow lift, skin resurfacing or eyelid surgery to enhance facial aesthetics and achieve the desired results. The doctor will examine and measure the face, as well as take pictures to compare the outcome of the procedure.


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During The Procedure

A neck lift can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation with local anesthesia, which renders only the operation site numb. Most surgeons use a liposuction technique — a small incision is created behind each ear and below the chin, and an advanced tool suctions fat from the jawline and under the chin. If the skin is healthy and the patient’s only complaint are fat deposits in the neck, liposuction can give the neck a more defined appearance. However, liposuction will not be enough to repair structural issues affecting the neck’s appearance. The doctor will recommend the most suitable surgery after evaluating different factors such as the patient’s expectations, cost and cause of displeasure with the neck’s appearance.


Bruising and swelling are common occurrences after a neck lift. After the procedure, the surgeon may recommend a unique compression garment to hold the neck and reduce swelling. Patients will also need to keep their head raised above the heart and keep the neck upright. For some days after the procedure, the patient should not attempt to twist or bend the neck. The swelling and bruising might take a few weeks or months to disappear completely. The incision lines will fade after about six months. Patients need to protect their neck from the sun by covering it with a scarf or wearing a hat. Until the wound heals fully, they must also avoid clothes worn through the head and be gentle with the surgical incisions.

In Conclusion

A neck lift is a meticulous cosmetic procedure that requires expertise and experience. Patients must be careful of the professional they choose to avoid complications and ensure the best results. After the procedure, you will have a better-looking neck rid of excess skin and fat deposits.

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