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A face lift is performed to lift and strengthen sagging facial skin in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. Many describe the procedure as “turning back the clock” because it helps to reverse the effects of aging and allow patients to look younger.

Who Needs 
A Facelift?

Aging usually causes the skin to lose elasticity and loss of volume in facial tissues. This causes creases, deep wrinkles and loose skin around the neck. Although this process is a natural part of aging, patients who are concerned about their appearance may choose a face lift as a solution. A patient may consider a face lift procedure if:

  • Sagging skin makes them feel self-conscious about their face and neck
  • They think they look older than they feel
  • Their appearance has a negative impact on their career or personal relationships

After a face lift, the patient will experience a boost in self-confidence since the resulting youthful appearance will make them look healthier and energetic.

Types Of
Face Lifts

The procedure is personalized according to the patient’s requirements, and the plastic surgeon will choose the techniques appropriately. Below is a list of the various types of face lift procedures available.

Mini Facelift

An ideal candidate for a mini face lift would be someone with minor sagging skin. This procedure requires fewer incisions and enables the surgeon to tighten facial tissues with smaller incisions, usually created along the hairline over each ear or the natural creases around the hair. The surgeon will lift and tighten the structural muscles around the cheeks with these incisions. This will rejuvenate the fatigued appearance and highlight the jawline. The surgeon may perform the procedure under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s condition. A mini face lift may help reverse the unpleasant indications of aging before they get worse, deferring the need for extensive surgery for several years.

Standard Facelift

Conventional face lifts correct moderate to advanced signs of aging around the face and neck. The surgery is more extensive than a mini face lift, meaning there is an extended recovery period but with more drastic results. The surgeon will make incisions behind the hairline, close to the temples, and around the front side of the ear, concealed in the natural folds. Those incisions will be used to reposition the deeper tissues under the skin and cut off excess skin to smooth creases and remove sagging skin to give a natural and youthful contour to the neck and face.


A facelift is a complicated operation that requires brilliant surgical skills. However, recovery is usually fast.

Patients often resume routine activities two weeks after the surgery. Since patients heal differently, the surgeon will provide necessary instructions for aftercare and recovery. Patients are often concerned about how soon the results of the procedure will become noticeable. Bruising and swelling are normal after the surgery but will get better within a week or two. The doctor will advise the patient on when to start wearing makeup.


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Final Note

If performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the results of the face lift will not only look natural but also age naturally. Although aging cannot be stopped, the procedure can keep you looking younger and attractive for many years. You can preserve the results by maintaining a healthy skin care regimen and stable weight.

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