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Chin Surgery
Orange County, CA

Chin surgery, or genioplasty, is a surgical procedure done to improve the shape or size of the chin either through enhancement (with an implant) or bone reduction surgery. The surgery can be performed by a maxillofacial surgeon or plastic surgeon. The procedure is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons and not because of a health problem.

Types of
Chin Surgery

The two major types of chin surgery are sliding genioplasty and chin implants.

Sliding Genioplasty

This type of chin surgery involves cutting the chin bone away and shifting the jaw to correct a jaw deficiency. It is advisable for people with:

  • Severe retrogenia
  • A pushed back chin compared to the rest of the face
  • A long chin or awkwardly extended chin

Preparing For A 
Chin Surgery Procedure

To begin, the surgeon will make an incision on the gum of the bottom lip before separating the soft tissue from the chin bone. A small vertical line will be created on the chin for reference. This will keep the bone straight when the surgeon is shifting it forward or backward.

The doctor will make a horizontal incision across the chin bone. If the procedure is to move the chin backward or reduce its size, the surgeon will cut away a wedge of bone. Afterward, they will shift the bone to the front or back and use screws or a metal plate to keep it in position.

To lengthen the chin, the surgeon will reattach the bone with space between the remaining jaw and the chin. The bone will eventually grow and fill the space. To reduce the chin’s length, they will remove the bone wedge and reconnect the chin to the remaining jaw.

After moving the chin forward, the surgeon may make a “step” in the bone. Steps are more apparent in women than men due to the absence of facial hair. The surgeon may shave down the bone to prevent the step from showing. Afterward, they will stitch the incision and put a compression tape on the mouth and chin to protect the area during healing.


Chin Implants

Chin implants are for reshaping, enlarging or pushing the chin forward. This is done through injection or surgery.

Surgical chin augmentation entails inserting a plastic material into the chin and bonding it to the bone using screws. Alloplastic implants (created from synthetic materials) are the most commonly used and include silicone and Teflon. Before surgery, the surgeon will sculpt the implant to the correct size and shape for insertion. Once the material is inserted, the surgeon will stitch up the incision.

Non-surgical chin augmentation involves using needles to inject fillers, such as dermal fillers or body fats after liposuction to improve the look of the chin.

Chin surgery can last between 30 minutes to three hours. The doctor will recommend antibiotics and advise the patient to stay away from hard foods until the soreness and bruising subsides.


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Final Note

Chin surgery is a straightforward procedure that mostly leaves patients pleased with the outcome. The surgery improves the person’s facial features and can help to boost one’s confidence and self-esteem.

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